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Sexual Harassment and Bullying Prevention for Non-Supervisors


Presented by CalHR Legal Division House Counsel: All employees have a right to a workplace free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment and bullying affect everyone in the workplace, not just those directly involved, and all employees have a role in their prevention. This 2.5 hour class will provide participants with an overview of the basic state and federal laws against sexual harassment, as well as rules and regulations that apply to bullying, and potential consequences for violations. The class will also discuss the rights and responsibilities of all employees related to sexual harassment and bullying. Finally, the class will provide practical examples for recognizing sexual harassment and bullying, and information regarding resources available to employees who witness or are the subject of sexual harassment or bullying.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic laws and rules related to sexual harassment and bullying.
  • Understand employee rights and responsibilities related to sexual harassment and bullying.
  • Be better able recognize sexual harassment and/or bullying in the workplace.
  • Be better able to use this information to prevent sexual harassment and bullying.

Intended Audience

This class is open to State employees in the Executive Branch. All non-supervisory employees. This class is intended for rank and file employees and may not satisfy the requirements of Government Code section 12950.1 for managers and supervisors.


$80 per participant

Updated 6/25/2018
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