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Resilience: Building and Modeling Resilience in the Workplace


Being a contributing team member, supervisor, or leader in today’s fast-paced world is challenging. If we listen to the feedback from the vast majority of private and public organizations, many individuals are struggling to cope with the increasing demands of the workplace. This course offers an understanding of the elements of resilience and provides practical tools to enable the participant to be personally and professionally resilient in the face of organizational challenges and to serve as a model for peers or those supervised or led in the workplace.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Relate the latest research on the effects of workload and expectations to their current work situation
  • Articulate and model the concepts of resilience and presence
  • Explain how Emotional Intelligence contributes to resiliency
  • Utilize mindfulness practices to increase their focus and resilience
  • Leverage their understanding of stress to increase organizational effectiveness
  • Maximize self-control and influence through an understanding and practical application of the “Circle of Influence”
  • Build and sustain resilience by leveraging practical tips for body, mind, relationships and spirit

Intended audience

This course is appropriate for anyone in the workplace that leads organizational efforts, supervises others, or contributes as a team member facing the challenges of a demanding workplace.



Updated 2/19/2020
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