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Pass Point Setting and Scoring Models


Due to the content in this class, it is recommended that this class be taken after the Introduction to Applied Statistics for Analysts, Examination Administration, and Job Analysis courses. However, a completion of the majority of the courses offered for Selection Analyst certification would sufficiently prepare participants for this class.


This one-day course provides participants with a legally defensible process for setting pass points on a variety of selection instruments. Topics will include the use of exam statistics, the establishment of Minimally Acceptable Competence (MAC) levels, and the inclusion of appropriate legal considerations. The course will introduce several methods of establishing and modifying pass points for all scoring formats. Participants will complete hands-on activities and use actual exam data to set pass points and discuss pass point setting.


Participants will gain a foundation in the principles and techniques used to develop legally defensible pass points for a variety of selection methods. Upon successful completion of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Define the legal and ethical considerations of pass point setting
  • Describe the concept of Minimally Acceptable Competence (MAC) as it relates to pass point setting
  • Recognize the process for establishing legally defensible pass points for a variety of selection measures
  • Describe how to set and adjust pass points based on a variety of circumstances

Intended Audience

Personnel analysts, managers, or individuals responsible for the development of employment testing and selection programs.


$175 per participant

Updated 7/23/2019
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