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Microsoft Power BI


Power BI Desktop expands the capabilities of Excel, Excel PivotTables and Excel Charts. Power BI allows you to combine different spreadsheets and other sources of data in order to analyze and assess trends, performance and other key measurements. It enhances standard PivotTables with new features that allow for custom calculations, new PivotTable-specific functions and easier reporting.

If you currently use VLOOKUPs to separate, collect and organize data in order to build reports, then Power BI Desktop will make you more efficient in combining and cleaning data. Additionally, Power BI Desktop enables you to create reports that are a collection of visuals, on one or more report pages, so that your data findings can be more effectively communicated and more easily disseminated.


In this course, you will use the Power BI Desktop application. You will:

  • Learn and use the Power BI views and key features
  • Learn and use Power Query Editor to connect to multiple different sources of data
  • Learn and use Power Query to combine disparate data into related data
  • Learn how to update your reports to include current data
  • Build visuals and collections of visuals from the data
  • Use the DAX formula language to create custom calculations with the data

Intended Audience

This is a two-day course. Attendees should already be familiar with Excel PivotTables and Excel functions. It is highly recommended to attend either the Excel PivotTables and/or Advanced Formulas classes before attending this course, if you do not regularly work with these features of Excel.


$400 per participant

Updated 2/24/2020
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