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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program


“Lean Six Sigma” combines two very powerful methodologies into a single, integrated approach to process improvement. “Lean”, the process of focusing on improving efficiencies and reducing waste, and “Six Sigma”, the process of focusing on improving quality and reducing defects through the proper use of data and metrics. Their complementary nature has proven to be extremely effective in making rapid and transformational improvements across a wide variety of organizations and processes including government, transactional, service, finance, production, health care, logistics, and many others.


Lean Six Sigma accomplishes these types of process transformations by integrating a set of powerful improvement tools with a five-phase “DMAIC” methodology. This methodology forms the roadmap for the Lean Six Sigma projects that are the means by which an organization transforms its processes and its culture. These five phases are:

  1. Define Phase: determine exactly what is the problem to be addressed and create the corresponding project charter
  2. Measure Phase: assess the current performance of the process, gather data on the potential causes of the problem, and check the measurement system that is being used to provide the process data (or create a measurement system if one does not currently exist)
  3. Analyze Phase: use the data to uncover the root cause(s) of the problem
  4. Improve Phase: determine and implement fixes for the root causes
  5. Control Phase: institutionalize the fixes so that the improvements are permanent

This program prepares individuals to implement the principles, practices and techniques of Lean Six Sigma, utilizing the proven method of combing classroom training, hands-on project work, and corresponding one-on-one coaching to deliver dramatic process improvement results.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Certification Process

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Certification Process involves training and one-on-one individual coaching as the methodology and tools are applied to an improvement project from within the selected candidate’s department.

Certification is earned by successfully completing all of the following certification deliverables:

  1. Successfully completing the project with all Lean Six Sigma project deliverables as specified in the training
  2. Attending all 10 days of Green Belt training
  3. Submitting a project charter for a follow-on project


The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program described above combines a powerful methodology and tool set with project rigor, strong training and individual guidance from experienced Black Belts. We are extremely confident that this program will produce transformational results and will provide excitement and enthusiasm for this type of data-driven, systematic improvement in the way that departments approach their processes and serve their customers.


There are no session dates scheduled at this time.

For further information or to request an information packet, send an email to


$5,550 per participant

Updated 12/19/2019
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