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Leading Up: Building a Better Relationship with Your Boss


No matter where you work, you report to someone, and that is arguably the most important relationship in the organization because of its impact on you and those around you. To have a working relationship in which your ideas are heard and respected, it is necessary to consciously invest in it, and this course will help you with the necessary strategies and tools.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • The current state of the relationship with your boss and how to improve it
  • An approach for getting upper management to respect, and perhaps accept, your ideas
  • How to disagree with your boss in a way that preserves the relationship
  • How to flex your communication style for rapport and trust
  • How to communicate information and decisions down to your teams, especially when it’s bad news

Intended audience

This course is designed for anyone with a boss: analysts, supervisors, and managers.



Updated 9/27/2019
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