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Labor Relations Note Taker Training


Note takers are core labor relations team members as it is their job to capture the verbal exchange between the union and management at bargaining sessions, meet and confers, and other meetings between the union and management. This class is highly recommended for those who are new to labor relations, want to refresh their skills, and individuals excluded from collective bargaining who will participate in negotiations.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the steps necessary to prepare for bargaining
  2. Document notes for historical reference
  3. Recognize the Note Taker’s role in the bargaining process
  4. Navigate the bargaining process
  5. Recognize and document the key terms spoken at the table that are critical for the notes

If this class is full, please contact CalHR Labor Relations Department at Labor Relations

Intended Audience

LR Analysts, Specialists and Confidential Employees assigned to Labor.


$175 per participant

Updated 1/15/2020
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