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Influence, Persuade, Nudge: The Science of Getting People to Take Action


The interactive workshop offers a new way to motivate and engage employees and even clients to do what is best for them. Organizations (public and private) employ nudging techniques to increase the application of training, boost participation in change efforts, reduce negative behaviors, and influence actions that directly affect enterprise-level metrics. Nudging is inexpensive, scalable, and based upon proven science and field-tested workplace trials.

The “Nudge” approach uses an understanding of people’s cognitive biases (such as procrastination, avoidance, loss aversion, and many others) to change behavior and improve organizational outcomes. The technique can be used by employees at any level in the organization to achieve positive and long lasting results.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Practice a new way to influence the behavior of employees or clients
  • Become skilled with a four-part model of influence that can be used in any situation when you want to influence or persuade
  • Determine how, where, and when to apply the “nudge” method for maximum effectiveness
  • Design and execute a “nudge” (start to finish) several times during the workshop

Intended audience

This workshop is ideal for forward employees, supervisors, or managers who are searching for ways to improve organizational results by influencing decision making at any level in the organization.



Updated 2/19/2020
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