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How to Lead with Data


As government leaders, we all know that we need to do more to take advantage of the power of data to improve the communities we serve. One of the biggest challenges to realizing this goal is to understand how government leaders value data in advancing strategic priorities, optimizing operations, and building trust with their customers.

This course is aimed at public sector managers and senior executives who want to better take advantage of data and manage a new wave of analytic talent coming into government. We will review concepts in data analytics and how leaders can build, develop and take advantage of their data analytics capacity to create more strategic, effective, and responsive governments. This course will approach data from a leadership perspective rather than quantitative methods staff will use.


This course will review the following concepts:

  • Data for strategy development and execution
  • Strategic use and business cases to extract the value of data
  • Data for optimized operations
  • Data for improving transparency and relationship with customers

Intended Audience

This course is intended for those who need to be better able to leverage data in their departments and organizations to improve decision-making and data presentation skills.


$175 per participant

Updated 10/7/2019
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