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Habits: A Science-Based Approach to Developing Good Ones and Dropping Bad Ones


This course will introduce you to a three-step model for both reversing bad habits and sticking to good ones. Winners and losers start with the same goal in mind. Of course goals are important, but there is increasing evidence that what differentiates winners is their systematic building of good habits and their elimination of bad ones. There is good science, built on years of behavioral findings, that lays out a clear path for making and breaking habits. Imagine the impact this course could have on your efficiency, your productivity, your belief in yourself, and your ultimate success in the workplace.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the science of habits (how habits work) and how this relates to practical workplace application.
  • Discover the most common mistakes people make around habits (and how to avoid them) .
  • Practice a three-step model for making or breaking habits.
  • Design a plan for implementing habit change, no matter your environment or how busy you are.

Intended Audience

Anybody who wants to improve their habits and in turn, the outcomes in their personal and professional lives.


$175 per participant

Updated 7/23/2019
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