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Drafting Personnel Actions


This full-day course is designed to provide participants with instruction on the process of initiating, drafting and service of personnel action, including Notices of Adverse Action, Rejections During Probation, and Non-Punitive Terminations. The course will begin with determining when a personnel action may be appropriate and walks participants through the personnel action process until the filing and service of the action. The course will primarily focus on drafting and style techniques for writing the action itself.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determining when a personnel action is appropriate
  • The basic elements of legally sufficient and effective Notices of Adverse Action, Rejections During Probation and Non-Punitive Terminations. (This class does not cover medical actions. However, CalHR provides a separate course on that topic.)
  • Effective drafting techniques and style for personnel actions
  • Determining relevant facts for personnel actions
  • Determining proper supporting documents
  • Determining the appropriate penalty
  • Service, filing and timing of personal actions (This class does not address personnel actions after an appeal has been filed.)
  • An overview of the relevant statutes, regulations, and decisions governing personnel actions

Intended Audience

This class is open to State employees in the Executive Branch. This class is designed for any state personnel who are involved in the initiating, drafting, or representing the state in disciplinary actions before the State Personnel Board. Attendees are limited to personnel involved in this process on behalf of a state agency.


$175 per participant

Updated 9/27/2019
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