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Chairing Interview Examinations


Overview of Selection Process; Legal Aspects of Personnel Selection; Examination Administration (Selection Analyst Certification Only)


This two-day class provides participants with an understanding of how to properly conduct Qualification Appraisal Panel (QAP) interviews in accordance with best practices and CalHR regulations. The course will focus on the differences between a hiring interview and a QAP interview, the role of the panel members, equal employment opportunity considerations, panel member orientation, candidate rights, and interview procedures. Upon successful completion of this class, participants will receive certification to serve as a Chairperson on QAP interviews.


This class focuses on interviewing techniques and provides participants with the knowledge and expertise necessary to conduct fair and equitable QAP interviews in accordance with CalHR regulations. Upon successful completion of this class, participants will:

  • Understand the selection process.
  • Learn the process for conducting fair and equitable examination interviews.
  • Understand the roles of each interview panel member
  • Conduct a Panel Orientation.
  • Recognize and deal with unexpected situations that may occur during the interview process.
  • Fairly rate and score candidate responses.

Intended Audience

Individuals who may be required to serve as a Chair on a QAP interview MUST complete this course and receive certification from an CalHR-certified course instructor. Additionally, this course is designed for examination analysts, managers, and individuals who are responsible for the development and/or administration of employment testing and selection programs.


$350 per participant

Updated 9/27/2019
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