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California Leadership Academy - Supervisor Development Program


This program has been specifically designed to meet the required 80-hour training needs of newly appointed supervisors as it applies to Government Code 19995.4(b). Prior to registering, please read the course description and intended audience below.

The Supervisor Development Program ensures there is a progressive and integrated process to develop leaders in state service. This program is intended to assist departments in preparing all newly appointed supervisors with their transition into a new leadership role, as well as to develop their leadership skills.

This course also satisfies the requirements of Government Code section 12950.1 for managers and supervisors.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Practice techniques that support transition to a supervisory role.
  • Model leadership and ethics, integrity and credibility.
  • Identify best hiring practices to ensure a solid workforce.
  • Guide teams through organizational change.
  • Apply metrics and other tools to measure organizational output.
  • Performance evaluation & progressive discipline.
  • Understand FMLA & Labor Relations.

Intended Audience

Newly appointed supervisors for the State of California. Per Government Code section 3513(g) a supervisor is "any individual, regardless of the job description or title, having authority, in the interest of the employer, to hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward, or discipline other employees, or responsibility to direct them, or to adjust their grievances, or effectively to recommend this action, if, in the connection with the foregoing, the exercise of this authority is not of a merely routine or clerical nature, but requires the use of independent judgment." Supervisor classifications are generally identified with CBID "(S)." Please check with your Department's HR or Labor Division to ensure you meet the requirements for this program.

Training Demand Survey

If all classes are full please click the following link and fill out the short survey to help us collect more information in regards to the demand for these classes. Training Demand Survey Training Demand Survey

Schedule of Events for Course
Start DateWeek 1Week 2
JAN 13JAN 13 - 17JAN 27 - 31
JAN 27 (Santa Ana)JAN 27 – JAN 31FEB 3 - FEB 7
FEB 10 FEB 10 – FEB 14FEB 24 - FEB 28
MAR 2MAR 2 - 6MAR 16 - Mar 20
MAR 9 (El Monte)MAR 9 – MAR 13MAR 16 - MAR 20
MAR 9 (Sacramento)MAR 9 – MAR 13MAR 23 - MAR 27
APR 6APR 6 - 10APR 20 - APR 24
APR 13APR 13 - 17APR 27 - MAY 1
MAY 4MAY 4 - 8MAY 18 - MAY 22
JUNE 1JUN 1 - 5JUNE 15 - JUNE 19

Instruction Time

80 Hours


$1,500 per participant

Updated 2/27/2020
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