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Best Hiring Practice

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Best Hiring Practices(HR liaisons)


The class will cover an overview of the best practices for all aspects of the hiring process for HR Liaisons, including the following areas:

  • What to include in the duty statement
  • What should be stated in the advertisement of a position
  • What the application screening process entails
  • What are appropriate application screening criteria
  • What type of, when, and how supplemental screening may be conducted
  • The interview phase – from exams to hiring interviews, reference checks, official personnel file review, selection/rejection of candidates
  • The retention of records
  • The probationary period


Deliver training that provides policy, legal requirements, helpful tips, guidance, and resources so that HR staff may institute best hiring practices in their respective departments to ensure a rigorous and legally sound selection process designed to retain the most qualified candidates for positions in state government.

Intended Audience

This class is open to State employees in the Executive Branch, Human Resources and Labor Relations staff who are involved in, consult about or require knowledge of the hiring process.


$175 per participant

Updated 2/19/2020
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