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CalHR Statewide Training Terms and Conditions

CalHR Statewide Training Terms and Conditions

Prior to taking any CalHR training course, you must review and agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. Your supervisor must approve the use of work time to use these training materials. In general, the course content must relate to your job duties or career development. Review your department's training policy or contact your department's Training Officer for more information.

  2. Classroom training requires an online registration and approval. 

  3. CalHR does not necessarily endorse or support the views or comments of any particular trainer. Although CalHR makes every effort to review the materials in each webinar before posting it, CalHR may not be the sole author or creator of the training content.

  4. Respect copyright and trademark protection. Material included in CalHR training may be subject to copyright or trademark protection. Please respect those rights and follow the limitations of the owners regarding any further use or reproduction of the materials. For any linked material, study the site's home page and consult the "Terms of Use" or "About Us" sections to learn more about copyrights and trademarks and how to get permission to reproduce or use the materials.

  5. CalHR is committed to meeting standards for accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act and related state and federal laws. The department Training Coordinator should work with CalHR to ensure that training meets reasonable accommodation requests.

  6. The Webinar courses use the Live Meeting service. By setting up your computer and testing it ahead of time, you can ensure you'll have a great webinar experience. If you run into trouble, usually your IT department can help. The information on this page will help you and your IT help desk set up your computer and troubleshoot any problems.

  7. Tardiness: Those who arrive 15 minutes after the class has (re)convened will not be admitted unless preauthorized by the CalHR Training Office or the instructor.

  Updated: 7/19/2017
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