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State Training Center Guidelines


These guidelines are provided to help ensure students successfully complete their statewide training courses.  Please note that these guidelines apply to all training offered by CalHR Statewide Learning and Performance Management.   

Proxy registration

In some cases, departments may elect to have training officers and managers register their personnel for Statewide training courses.  This is known as a proxy registration.   CalHR allows proxy registration, but is not responsible for ensuring ​students are aware of all guidelines, terms and conditions.  Departments are responsible for ensuring all employees who are registered for CalHR training know the State Training Center's guidelines.

How much lead time does CalHR need to meet reasonable accommodation requests?

CalHR's Statewide Learning and Performance Management program requests a minimum of three weeks' notice for reasonable accommodation requests. The Statewide Learning and Performance Management program will do its best to accommodate students within the three week window.

How much lead time does CalHR need if someone is cancelling their enrollment in a class?

Cancellations will be done directly through CalLearns at least five business days before the class starts.

If we don't receive your cancellation request at least five business days in advance, we will charge your department even if you don't attend. We can't reschedule training classes unless we have five business days notice.

​How much lead time will CalHR provide if it is cancelling a training class?

CalHR will provide at least five business days' notice prior to cancelling a class. Students enrolled in classes cancelled within the five day window will not be charged the tuition amount.

What is CalHR Statewide Trainings tardiness policy?

Students who miss more than 15 minutes of class will not receive a completion certificate and their department will be charged the full amount of the course registration unless preauthorized by CalHR Statewide Training or the instructor. The only exception is for a reasonable accommodation which must be pre-authorized.  

​Students who leave more than 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the class for emergencies, child care purposes, etc. will not receive a certificate. Anyone who walks out of class, is more than 15 minutes late after the class (re)convenes, or leaves more than 15 minutes before the class ends will not receive a completion certificate and will be charged the full amount

I have an account from my previous department, How do i get my information changed

Instead of updating your current record, we ask you to create a new account with your new department information, then email us at with both account email information, we will then merge your accounts together.  

If a student cannot attend, can they send a substitution from the same department?

Yes if the class is within 5 business days. If the class is more than 5 business days out, please just cancel the non attending students registration, and register the new student. If a substitution is to be made, please email the Statewide Learning and Performance Management program at at least 1 business day before the start of the class. If a substitution requires a reasonable accommodation, and the request is made within three weeks, the Statewide Learning and Performance Management program will do everything it can to provide the accommodation.

Is the State Training Center still keeping wait lists?

Seat reservations are on a first APPROVED, first reserved basis. As part of the new LMS, wait lists are now back. If a course is full, you can click on the waitlist button, and you will be inserted into the Wait list line dependent on when your waitlist is approved. If a spot opens up at least 5 business days before a class, and you are on the approved waitlist, you will automatically be registered in the class and you will receive an email with notification. If a spot does not open up, your waitlist registration will be removed and your department will not be charged.



Where is the my training history?

Unfortunately CalLearns can only provide your training history back to when the LMS was initiated (7/6/2020). ​Any history or certificates prior to this will need to be gathered from your departments Training/Personnel division. 

Billing Information for State Employees

If you are paid through the State Controller's Office (SCO), you will use direct pay.

Direct pay

You agree to allow us to initiate a transaction request to the SCO allowing transfer of funds from your agency to CalHR. You will need to acquired appropriate data from your accounting department and provide it to us. We will send invoices after the end of the month in which the training occurs.

Billing Information for Other Employees

If you are

  • a state employee of a department not paid through the State Controller's Office or
  • not a state employee

you can pay us through either a P-Card (a CalCard for state employees) or a check.

P-Card (CalCard)

Please call (916) 322-9796 to make your P-Card payment.  All class fees are due 10 business days prior to the class start date.  A P-Card receipt and an invoice, if requested, will be provided via email after making the phone call. 


Must be received by CalHR at least 10 business days in advance of class start date with either an attached copy of the training class confirmation email or handwritten employee(s) name, class title, and confirmation # (from email) on the front of the check.

Mail checks to the following address:  

Statewide Training Center
1515 S Street, North Building, Suite 500
Sacramento, California 95811-7258

Drop off (M-F, 7:30am-5pm) checks at the following address:  

1810 16th Street
Sacramento, California 95811-7258
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Who can attend training through CalHR?

Government Code 19995.1.5 authorizes CalHR to provide training programs to any public employee or officer. CalH

For purposes of this subdivision, “public employee or officer” means any employee or officer of any of the following:

(1) The state, regardless of whether the employee or officer is subject to state civil service.
(2) A city.
(3) A county.
(4) A special district, or any other political subdivision of the state.
(5) The California State University.
(6) The University of California.
(7) The Legislature.
(8) The judicial branch.
(9) The federal government.

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Statewide Training Center Training Center(916) S Street, North Building, Suite 500California95811-7258California Department of Human Resources

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