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What is a Bona Fide Organization?What is a Bona Fide Organization?<p>The California Code of Regulations (CCR) section 599.866 defines a bona fide association as follows:<br>“Bona Fide Association” means an organization of employees and former employees of the State including affirmative action advocacy groups and professional organizations which do not have as one of their purposes the representing of employees in their relations with the State.<br><br>Per this definition, bona fide associations may advocate on behalf of a particular group of employees, may promote benefit or other programs on behalf of their members, and may request meeting space in State facilities. <br><br>Bona Fide Organizations <a href="/Documents/Bona%20Fide%20Contact%20List.pdf">PDF</a> | <a href="/Documents/bona-fide-contact-list.rtf">RTF</a></p>
How do I register our Bona Fide Organization?How do I register our Bona Fide Organization?<p dir="ltr">CCR section 559.867 requires annual registration with Cal HR as follows: <br>Each bona fide association shall submit an annual registration statement on or about July 1 of each calendar year in a form prescribed by the Department of Personnel Administration. The registration statement shall include the following information: name of bona fide association, headquarters’ address, telephone number, list of principal officers and their mailing addresses. Bona Fide Registration form. <br><br>The statement shall also include a written certification that the bona fide association is observing the following practices before submitting a request for registration:</p><blockquote dir="ltr" style="margin-right:0px;"><p dir="ltr" style="margin-right:0px;"><br>(a) The purpose of the association is not to represent State employees on matters within the scope of representation; and<br>(b) The association does not have an affiliation with an employee organization or a recognized employee organization; and<br>(c) The association is not acting as an employee organization by filing unfair labor practice charges or competing to be an exclusive bargaining agent in unit certification elections; and<br><br>The statement shall be accompanied by a copy of the association's by-laws. </p></blockquote><p dir="ltr" style="margin-right:0px;">Bona Fide Registration <a href="/Documents/Bona%20Fide%20Association%20Registration%20Form.pdf">PDF</a> | <a href="/Documents/bona-fide-association-registration-form.rtf">RTF</a></p>
3. When can representatives from Bona Fide Organizations come onto the worksite?3. When can representatives from Bona Fide Organizations come onto the worksite?<p>​Registration as a bona fide association does NOT authorize the organization access to State-owned or State-leased property.<br><br>Facility management is responsible for ensuring facility security and the continuity of State operations. Accordingly, facility management retains full authority over the control of organizational access and organizational activities at the office or facility location.<br><br>As a rule of thumb, CalHR recommends that bona fide associations be allowed the same access to the facility as the general public and charitable organizations. Generally, access is appropriate for non-commercial purposes (e.g., membership recruitment) in public areas, such as cafeterias and break rooms. Access to office work areas is inappropriate and disruptive to office operations.<br><br>Please refer to <a href="/PMLs/2004-048.rtf">PML 2004-048</a></p>

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