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Executive Order N-40-20, which went into effect on March 30, 2020 extended compliance on many codes for state departments for 60 days.  Item 2 in that order outlines compliance regarding Government Code 19995.4. Executive Order N-40-20 was extended through Executive Order N-66-20 by another 60 days, signed May 29, 2020. Effectively,  compliance on completing the training requirements in Government Code 19995.4 has been extended by a total of 120 days. Any questions in regard sto this should be sent to your departments internal SPB liason. Please speak to your Administrative or Personnel section on who that is. We cannot provide any further information.

CalLearns - CalHR's Learning Managment System   If you already have a CalLearns account, but moved to a different department, please create a new account and click on this box to send us an email with both account usernames so we can merge them and link your training records together



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  Updated: 4/13/2020
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