Table I: State Civil Service Upward Mobility Classifications and Hiring Goals by Agency Annual Census of Employees in State Civil Service 2015 Table I
NDA = No Data Available; NDR indicates No Data Reported
Agency2014 Number of Employees Participating 2015 Upward Mobility Hires2015 UM Hiring Goal2015 Upward Mobility Classifications2015 Employees Participating2016 UM Hiring Goal
Administrative Law, Office of201111
African-American Museum, California001111
Aging, Commission on00Exempt00Exempt
Aging, Department of012521
Agricultural Associations0081550
Agricultural Labor Relations Board021343
Air Resources Board417121189
Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board00Exempt00Exempt
Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of051902
Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority021101
Arts Council, California001201
Baldwin Hills Conservancy00Exempt00Exempt
Business and Economic Development, Governor's Office of002302
Business Oversight, Department of3641637
Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency301111
Child Support Services, Department of3173833
Children and Families First Commission31Exempt141
Citizens' Redistricting Commission0NDRExemptNDRNDAExempt
Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy0NDRExemptNDRNDAExempt
Coastal Commission, California011601
Coastal Conservancy, State591343
Colorado River Board10100Exempt
Community Colleges, California212321
Community Services and Development, Department of248645
Compensation Insurance Fund, State74109175107318
Conservation Corps, California0211011
Conservation, Department of2721000
Consumer Affairs, Department of4121540352
Controller, Office of the California State5787129311
Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Department of03420227065
Debt and Investment Advisory Commission, California021201
Debt Limit Allocation Committee, California001101
Delta Protection Commission00Exempt00Exempt
Delta Stewardship Council10100Exempt
Developmental Disabilities, State Council on20020202
Developmental Services, Department of15582025343
Disability Access, California Commission on00Exempt00Exempt
Early Learning and Care, California State Advisory Council onNDANDRNDANDRNDANDA
Earthquake Authority, California01Exempt300
Economic Development, Commission forNDANDRNDANDRNDANDA
Education Audit Appeals Panel0NDRExemptNDRNDAExempt
Education, Department of1551543
Educational Facilities Authority, California001001
Emergency Medical Services Authority231121
Emergency Services, California Governor's Office of4631188
Employment Development Department73107552110777
Employment Training Panel, CaliforniaNDANDRNDANDRNDANDA
Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission8351025
Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, Office of000000
Environmental Protection Agency001502
Equalization, Board of1243110097158
Exposition and State Fair, California047703
Exposition Park Management, Governor's Office ofNDANDRNDANDRNDANDA
Fair Employment and Housing, Department of0225244
Fair Political Practices Commission443222
Finance, Department of142813
Fish and Wildlife, Department of593319156436
Food and Agriculture, Department of613123145
Forestry and Fire Protection, Department of51271857
Franchise Tax Board0724319150
Gambling Control Commission, California201121
General Services, Department of62274613
Government Operations Agency001001
Health and Human Services Agency011101
Health Benefit Exchange, California006913
Health Care Services, Department of1223137152311
Health Facilities Financing Authority, California041201
Health Planning and Development, Office of Statewide142518356
High Speed Rail Authority, California221311
Highway Patrol, California917078
Horse Racing Board, California023303
Housing and Community Development, Department of1612802
Housing Finance Agency, California4081200
Human Resources, California Department of101902
Independent Living Council, StateNDANDRNDANDRNDANDA
Industrial Development Financing Advisory Committee00Exempt00Exempt
Industrial Relations, Department of610411131321
Inspector General, Office of the981111011
Insurance, Department of0211101
Justice, Department of153225183713
Labor and Workforce Development Agency001100
Law Revision Commission, California00Exempt00Exempt
Legislative Counsel, Office of14724181
Library, California State021201
Little Hoover Commission01Exempt11Exempt
Lottery, California State5211441
Managed Health Care, Department of01135112
Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission111110
Military Department101711
Motor Vehicles, Department of15111912121670109
Native American Heritage Commission00Exempt00Exempt
Natural Resources Agency, California011102
Parks and Recreation, Department of3052800
Peace Officer Standards and Training, Commission on122462
Personnel Board, State001301
Pesticide Regulation, Department of221029134
Pilot Commissioners, Board of001111
Pollution Control Financing Authority, California031201
Prison Industry Authority, California0202800
Public Defender, Office of the State221511
Public Employees' Retirement System, California24212502127
Public Employment Relations Board301231
Public Health, California Department of127802724
Public Utilities Commission, California0510161210
Rehabilitation, Department of0387505
Resources Recycling and Recovery, Department of513962
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy00Exempt10Exempt
San Diego River Conservancy0NDRExemptNDRNDAExempt
San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission00Exempt00Exempt
San Gabriel Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy00Exempt00Exempt
San Joaquin River Conservancy0NDRExemptNDRNDAExempt
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy00Exempt00Exempt
Scholarshare Investment Board021101
School Finance Authority, California001101
Science Center, California013703
Secretary of State61347565
Seismic Safety Commission00Exempt00Exempt
Sierra Nevada Conservancy511352
Social Services, Department of5821615833
State and Community Corrections, Board of002101
State Audits, Bureau of021401
State Hospitals, Department of11901024670
State Lands Commission0121111
State Mandates, Commission on00Exempt100
Student Aid Commission, California024504
Summer School for the Arts00Exempt000
Systems Integration, Office of030305
Tahoe Conservancy, California001201
Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California041101
Teacher Credentialing, Commission on031404
Teachers' Retirement System, California State6751311585
Technology, Department of022603
Toxic Substances Control, Department of112027120
Transportation Agency, California State601330
Transportation Commission, California00Exempt10Exempt
Transportation, Department of051101906
Treasurer, Office of the State0117603
Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, California001311
Urban Waterfront Area Restoration Financing AuthorityNDA0NDA00Exempt
Veterans Affairs, California Department of136419010
Victim Compensation Board, California10353104
Water Resources Control Board383988
Water Resources, Department of61541807042
Women and Girls, Commission on the Status of0NDRExemptNDRNDANDA
Workforce Development Board, California00Exempt00Exempt