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Structural Steel Inspector (Nondestructive Testing) (3389)

Structural Steel Inspector (Nondestructive Testing)

California State Personnel Board Specification

  • Schematic Code: GY20
  • Class Code: 3389
  • Established: 11/15/1957
  • Revised: 01/20/1999
  • Title Changed: 04/19/1983


This is the entry and working level of nondestructive inspection work at Caltrans. Under direction, to perform a wide variety of inspections of welded or bolted structural steel by use of nondestructive equipment or other means. As incumbents progress in experience, they will be assigned more difficult work until they are performing the full range of duties; and do other related work.

Typical Tasks

Under direction, performs and monitors inspections of welded, riveted, and bolted structural steel by using NDT methods such as visual, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography, and eddy current or other nondestructive testing means; sometimes works at considerable heights above the ground, in close proximity to traffic, and in confining places; assists with or performs inspections and repairs of structures; utilizes a wide knowledge of processes, materials, equipment, and testing methods used in the fusion welding of structural steel; performs specific calibrations, nondestructive testing methods, and specific evaluations for acceptance or rejection of determinations according to written instructions and records results; sets up and calibrates equipment and interprets and evaluates results with respect to applicable codes, standards, and specifications; writes reports and documents the results of nondestructive tests; assists engineers in research related to transportation systems; tests, develops, and assists in the testing and development of materials, inventions, etc., related to maintenance and safety; researches nondestructive testing equipment for existing and next generation materials; assists in the training of Caltrans personnel in the areas of nondestructive testing, welding, and related testing, welding, and related new technology; makes decisions related to defects in structures which in the most serious consequence of error could result in a catastrophic failure of a publicly-traveled transportation structure due to critical flaws that were not properly identified during an inspection; makes recommendations for specific changes; performs test repairs on welded structures and takes samples and performs tests of structural materials; prepares inspection reports; when because of staffing assignment needs, performs limited quality assurance inspections of structural materials at fabrication facilities and/or field sites; prepares written reports and maintains accurate inspection records; performs source inspections at various sites; and completes material reports to include, but not limited to, MR 692s and TL 29s.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of Level II certification in ultrasonic and liquid penetrant inspection in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ANST) SNT-TC-1A guidelines. and Possession of a current Certified Welding Inspector Certification per the most recent American Welding Society QC-1 document.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: Techniques and processes of structural steel construction and fabrication; materials and processes used in the manufacture of structural steel; testing methods and testing equipment used in the inspection of structural steel and related structural products with particular reference to ultrasound; methods, materials, and equipment used in fusion welding on structural steel; welding defects; hazards involved in and the safety precautions required in operating and using radioactive sources and x-ray equipment; current American Society for Testing Materials and American Welding Society standards and tests referring to metal and related structural material; safety and health policies and procedures contained in the Department's Injury and Illness Prevention Program and knowledge of basic safe work practices. Must be able to monitor and perform ultrasonic and liquid penetrant testing at a journeyperson's level. This includes equipment calibration, evaluating results, and interpreting specifications. Incumbents serving at full journey level must also be able to direct, monitor, and perform magnetic particle, radiographic, eddy current, and visual testing, including equipment calibration, evaluating results, and interpreting specifications.


Ability to: Communicate at a level required for successful job performance; detect discontinuities by ultrasound, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, radiography, eddy current, and visual testing; conduct tests for qualification of welders; make, process, interpret, and prepare reports and recommendations on nondestructive testing; establish and maintain cooperative relations with those contacted in the course of the work.

Special Personal Characteristics

Ability to work at considerable heights above the ground, in close proximity to traffic, and in confining spaces; willingness to travel to locations both in State and out of State on reasonable notice for extended periods of time.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

The equivalent of an Associate's Degree in Nondestructive Testing Technology or Welding Technology.

  Updated: 6/3/2012
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