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Out-of-State Travel

Restricted Travel List for Out-of-State Travel

 Assembly Bill 1887 added California Government Code section 11139.8, which prohibits state agencies from requiring any of its employees, officers, or members to travel to any state, or approving a request for state-funded or state-sponsored travel to any state, that has enacted discriminatory laws or practices on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, subject to certain exceptions.

The California Attorney General has created a website listing current states that have enacted the discriminatory laws or practices mentioned above.  Each state agency must consult the following website prior to travel to ensure compliance with the travel and funding restriction imposed by AB 1887.  Please see Prohibition on State-Funded and State-Sponsored Travel to States with Discriminatory Laws on the California Attorney General's website for more information.

Reimbursement For Out-of-State Travel

Any limitations on lodging are placed by the appointing authority when approving travel.  Lodging and meals may otherwise be claimed as follows:

For short-term travel:

  • With a lodging receipt: reimbursement for the actual cost of lodging.
  • Without a lodging receipt: a receipt is required for lodging reimbursement.
  • Meal and incidental expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the in-state meal and incidental rates.

For long-term travel:

  • Long-term out-of-state travel will be reimbursed in accordance with the provisions governing in-state long-term travel.

Out of State Travel Forms

  Updated: 6/29/2017
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