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Relocation Reimbursements

Current Excluded and Represented State of California employees who incur authorized expenses related to a state-approved relocation may apply for reimbursement of certain expenses.  Since each relocation situation is unique, employees who have inquiries about relocation policy should contact their employer for guidance.

Provisions in Government Code, the CalHR Relocation and Travel Rules, policy memos, and current Memorandum of Understanding are the basis for the information on this page.

New Hires to State Service

New to state service (new hires) employees' relocation reimbursement policy is not exactly the same as the relocation reimbursement policy for current employees.  CalHR rules 599.723 (Represented rules) and 599.723.1 (Excluded rules), which can be found in the "Related Resources" section on this page, provides policy to agencies for new hires.

PML 2016-010 provides the following delegation to Represented employees in BU 2 , 7, 9, and all Excluded employees:

  • CalHR delegates to departmental Appointing Powers the authority to reimburse a maximum of 30 days of temporary lodging and meals at the new headquarters location, limited to the conditions, maximums and receipt requirements set forth in CalHR Travel Reimbursement policy.  Up to 14 of the 30 days may be used for pre-move house hunting at the new headquarters location, reimbursable after the report date.  Reimbursement for up to $200 of receipted expenses for installation, connection, or assembly of appliances, antennas or utilities that are related to the establishment of the new household.  Deposits are not reimbursable.
  • Advance approval of the employing Appointing Power and the Department of Finance is still required for any reimbursement or combination of reimbursements that exceeds $1,000.  Claims for reimbursement of relocation expenses for new-hires to state service must be submitted no later than six months from the reporting date.  No reimbursement will be issued prior to the employee reporting to the new headquarters.

Accountable Plan

Reimbursements for actual business expenses are made in accordance with the IRS requirements for an "Accountable Plan," among other things.  An Accountable Plan limits reimbursement to actual expenses, substantiated by receipts or other verification, up to certain limits.

Effective Dates

Always verify reimbursement information and effective dates by reviewing the appropriate Memorandum of Understanding and/or the applicable CalHR Relocation/Travel Rules/Policy.  Please note that the relocation provisions for some Represented employees may fall under the provisions for Excluded employees.

More Information

Policy Memos - Recent PMLs

  • PML 2016-020 - Travel/Relocation Programs - Travel Reimbursement Rate Increases for Excluded Employees
  • PML 2016-010 - Travel/Relocation Programs - Business, Travel, and Relocation Policy and Reimbursements for Employees in BU 2, 7, 9, and all Excluded Employees
  • PML 2015-041 - Travel/Relocation Programs - 2016 Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Use of Personal Vehicle

Related Resources

Relocation Reimbursement Forms

For More Information

Please contact the CalHR Travel/Relocation Manager if you have any questions.


  Updated: 10/20/2016
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