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Excluded Employees Definition

Excluded Employees are employees who do not have collective bargaining rights under the Ralph C. Dills Act (Dills Act). In general, we designate these employees managerial, confidential, and supervisory.
Some State departments are excluded, such as the California Department of Human Resources, the Public Employment Relations Board, and certain employees of the State Controller's Office, the State Athletic Commission, the Department of Finance, and the Department of Industrial Relations.
Excluded employees cannot:
  • (Except for supervisors), hold office in an employee organization (union) that represents rank and file employees
  • Handle grievances on behalf of rank and file employees
  • Represent rank and file employees during bargaining
  • Vote on ratifying rank and file collective bargaining agreements
Please contact your department's Personnel Office for information regarding your employee status.
Updated 5/16/2012
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