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Employee Assistance Program

As a State of California Employee, you and your eligible dependents have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program is provided by the State of California as part of the state’s commitment to promoting employee health and wellbeing. It is offered at no charge to the employee and provides a valuable resource for support and information during difficult times, as well as consultation on day-to-day concerns. EAP is an assessment, short-term counseling, and referral service designed to provide you and your family with assistance in managing everyday concerns.

If you need help, call toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

Magellan Healthcare
Phone: 866-EAP-4SOC (866-327-4762)
TDD callers: 800-327-0801

Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to confidentially discuss your concerns and ensure that you receive the assistance you need. You may also contact your departmental EAP coordinator, or the statewide EAP benefits manager at (916) 324-9353.


Confidentiality is the hallmark of the program, and is essential to the success of EAP. No one besides the person accessing EAP knows they’ve used the services. No reports are made except aggregate utilization reports that do not identify individuals. The legal exceptions are the same as those that guide all clinicians: if a member expresses intent to commit child or elder abuse; or expresses plausible suicidal or homicidal intent; or a court order.

​Upcoming Events

These workshops are free and are available to all employees, reservations are not required, and seating is on a first-come first-served basis. Before planning to attend, employees should ensure supervisor's approval, and provide two week notice for special accommodations. At many facilities parking is not provided and employees should plan accordingly. For questions or additional information please contact your departmental EAP coordinator. Please check back frequently as new sessions will be added.



Five Fast Fixes to Reduce Stress Fast Fixes to Reduce Stress5/23/2017 6:00:00 PMThis is the rollup description.Fresno5/23/2017 7:00:00 PM<p>​California Department of Public Health<br>Fresno District Office<br>285 W. Bullard Ave, Suite 101<br>Fresno, CA 93704</p><h3>Description</h3><p>Stress is an inevitable part of life. It comes in many forms, such as trying to figure out how to pay unexpected bills or managing increased demands at work. <br><br>We can't stop all stressful events from happening, but we can learn to manage them in a way that keeps our stress level under control. This training teaches five simple tips to help manage everyday stressors faced at work or home. </p><h4>Learning Objectives</h4><p>Describe symptoms of stress.<br>Discuss responses to stress.<br>Learn stress reduction techniques.</p><h4>Contact</h4><p>Contact your departmental EAP coordinator for more information.</p>
Planning and Caring for an Aging Loved One and Caring for an Aging Loved One5/23/2017 6:30:00 PMThis is the rollup description.Sacramento5/23/2017 7:30:00 PM<p>​Department of State Hospitals and Department of Development Services<br>1600 Ninth Street, Room 100<br>Sacramento, CA 95814</p><h3>Broadcast Locations</h3><p>Department of State Hospitals <br>10333 El Camino Real<br>Atascadero, CA 93422<br><br>Department of State Hospitals<br>24511 West Jayne Ave<br>Coalinga, CA 93210<br><br>Department of State Hospitals <br>11401 Bloomfield Avenue<br>Norwalk, CA 90650<br><br>Department of State Hospitals <br>2100 Napa-Vallejo Highway<br>Napa, CA 94558<br><br>Department of State Hospitals <br>3102 East Highland Avenue<br>Patton, CA 92369<br><br>Department of State Hospitals<br>31625 South Highway 101<br>Soledad, CA 93960<br><br>Department of State Hospitals <br>7707 Austin Road, B305-913<br>Stockton, CA 95215<br><br>Department of State Hospitals <br>1600 California Drive<br>Vacaville, CA 95687 </p><h3>Description </h3><p>With advances in modern medicine, Americans are living longer. This increase in the elderly population has raised the demand for caregivers. <br><br>This seminar will address the challenges of caregiving, such as initiating a discussion with an aging loved one; health care; legal and financial plans; caregiver guilt; self-care; and communicating with your manager/supervisor when work is affected. </p><h4>Learning Objectives</h4><p>Identify issues the aging and their loved ones commonly encounter.<br>List strategies to help you and your loved one approach the aging process.<br>Discuss how your EAP can help. </p><h4>Contact</h4><p>Contact your departmental EAP coordinator for more information.</p>
Employee Orientation Orientation5/24/2017 5:30:00 PMThis is the rollup description.Sacramento5/24/2017 6:30:00 PM<p>​California Department of Public Health<br>WIC Division<br>3901 Lennane Drive<br>Sacramento, CA 95834</p><h3>Description</h3><p>This training is designed to familiarize employees and management with their EAP benefits, including their scope, purpose and value, as well as how to access services. During this presentation, participants learn about the kinds of counseling and other assistance available through EAP. </p><h4>Learning Objectives</h4><p>Eligibility and dependent information.<br>Number of sessions available.<br>How to access the service.<br>What to expect when you call. </p><h4>Contact</h4><p>Contact your departmental EAP coordinator for more information.</p>
Sandwich Generation Generation5/31/2017 7:30:00 PMThis is the rollup description.Sacramento5/31/2017 8:30:00 PM<p>Department of Health Care Services<br>1500 Capitol Avenue, Training Rooms A-C<br>Sacramento, CA 95814</p><h3>Broadcast Location</h3><p> Webinar: Registration available up to one hour before event at <a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a>  After registering be sure to check system requirements. </p><h3>Description </h3><p>Today, many people in their thirties, forties, and fifties find themselves caught in the middle. They are raising young children or financially supporting a grown child, and caring for their elderly parent. <br> <br>The stress of this situation can be overwhelming. In this training, you will learn about common caregiver concerns and strategies for dealing with those concerns.<br> <br>Furthermore, you will get tips for preserving your marriage, personal, and professional life while being a caregiver. </p><h4>Learning Objectives</h4><p>Define today’s “sandwich generation.”<br>Identify current caregiver concerns.<br>List tips for developing a plan.<br>Identify self-care techniques.<br>List tips for preserving your marriage/personal life while caregiving.<br>Review how to manage work while being a caregiver. </p><h4>Contact</h4><p>Contact your departmental EAP coordinator for more information.</p>

​Types of Services

Life can be unpredictable and confusing. Through EAP you can seek assistance with many of the day-to-day struggles you may be experiencing. EAP can assist you with marriage, family, and relationship issues; emotional, personal and stress concerns; drug and alcohol abuse; healthy lifestyles; and work-life balance.


EAP offers face-to-face clinical counseling and telephone consultations to guide you through difficult times. Our online tools and tips provide information and resources on a broad array of topics such as emotional and physical wellbeing, workplace success, and achieving personal goals.

Work-Life Benefits

For many people, it’s a challenge to balance family life and work. We offer work-life solutions to everyday problems that include legal consultations, financial consultations, child and elder care, identity theft recovery, and education and career development.

EAP Core Flyers

Online Resources and Information

The website ( features hundreds of health and wellbeing tools. Learn to manage stress and stay motivated, set daily fitness and nutrition goals, track your progress, and make the small steps that lead to big change.

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