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Learning and Performance Management Workgroups

​Basic supervision

Develop learning solutions to address the training needs of all state supervisors. Basic supervision presentation (PDF)  | Basic supervision presentation - Text Only (RTF)

  • Review library list of materials/resources mapped to leadership competency model
  • Collect, consolidate, and review materials submitted by departments and agencies. Will create generic modules with learning objectives that can be used by all.
  • Review proposed legislation and mandates related to basic supervision training requirements
  • Revise the State Supervisor's Handbook.

Individual and Organizational Performance Management

Find resources and tools to help departments align individual performance with the goals and missions of their organization! Individual and organizational performance management presentation - (PDF)  | Individual and organizational performance management presentation - Text Only (RTF)

Develop and disseminate learning segments that can be used on a turnkey basis

  •  Create a scorecard that agencies could use for measuring individual and organizational performance
  • Review ongoing state initiatives and provide input from a training perspective
  • Publicize existing programs that may have seats available
  • Provide ways to link training efforts to performance plans

Review of HR Mod deliverables:

  • Performance management page that would offer a list of deliverables
  • The performance management module in our new CSUS on-line class
  • Materials in our Virtual Help Desk related to Performance Management

Leveraging technology

Leverage technology to enhance training opportunities and information for state employees to result in reducing costs. Leveraging technology presentation (PDF)  |  Leveraging technology presentation - Text Only (RTF)

  • Reorganize the CNLP website to make it more of a one-stop shop for trainers
  • Encourage sharing of courses by having an On-line calendar of courses

New training officer development

Create an on-line resource bank for new training officers. New training officer development presentation (PDF)  |  New training officer development presentation - Text Only (RTF)

Develop initial webpage:

  • Establish an internal training policy
  • Develop an annual training plan
  • Administer a departmental training program
  • Evaluate the department's overall training program for effectiveness
  • Ensure all required mandatory training is completed timely by appropriate staff
  • Conduct training needs assessment

Develop self-assessment tool

​Statewide training endorsement standards

Create high-performance training; determine standards of what should be expected around training; what criteria should be in place; Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Statewide training endorsement standards presentation (PDF)  |  Statewide training endorsement standards presentation - Text Only (RTF)

Develop score cards/checklists

  • Training course
  • Training program, function, and office
  • Trainer and vendor

​Workforce planning and needs assessment

State anticipates losing 50% of managers in next five years. Based on the new Leadership Competency Model, help organizations determine where are the skill gaps and training gaps and determine ways to address these training needs.

  • Develop a tool based on the Leadership Competency Model to assist HR Mod conduct individual and workforce planning needs assessment for leaders throughout the state.
  Updated: 4/18/2013
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