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Understanding, Navigating, and Managing FMLA and CFRA Leave


Presented by CalHR Legal Division House Counsel: A practical overview and update that will provide tips and resources to help you comply with the law, while still managing your workforce. Participants will review the key leave laws including the federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). In addition participants will learn about recent changes in the law including those relating to Pregnancy Disability Leave, and the new rules that apply to Military Caregiver Leave.

During this training sessions we will also explore ways to curb FMLA/CFRA abuse and provide participants tools on how manage employees using FMLA/CFRA leave on an intermittent basis. Finally, we will cover how to handle common transactions related issues.

In this still evolving area of the law, compliance issues and management concerns frequently overlap and impact each other. A team approach can be critical to reaching the best result for both management and the employee. Therefore, Supervisors and Human Resources staff members from your department are encouraged to attend together.


This training will provide information and guidance in understanding the federal and California leave laws. Learn how to identify a serious health condition, how the military leave laws have changed, and understand the changes in the Pregnancy Disability Leave laws. Understand what intermittent leave is and how to best manage it. Gain practical tips on complying with and administering the FMLA/CFRA.

Training areas include but are not limited to:

  • Overview of FMLA/CFRA
  • Discussion of new laws related to Military Caregiver Leave
  • Discussion of Pregnancy Disability Leave and the interplay between FMLA and CFRA
  • Tools supervisors can use to use to hold employees accountable
  • Curbing FMLA/CFRA abuse and best practices
  • Understanding transactions related to FMLA/CFRA

The training is provided by CalHR’s House Counsel Program and is presented by two CalHR Attorneys experienced in FMLA/CFRA, and a specialist from CalHR’s Personnel Services Branch.

Intended Audience

Supervisors, Managers, and Human Resources Staff

Instruction Time

2.75 Hours


$155 per participant

Updated 6/25/2018
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