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Statutory Appeals Process


This full day course is designed to provide an in-depth review of the evidentiary Statutory Appeals Unit appeal and hearing process. The course will focus on the statutes and regulations which govern non-merit statutory appeals. Non-merit statutory appeals are non-disciplinary and include: AWOL, Layoffs, Set Aside Resignation, Performance Appraisals, denial of Sick Leave; Merit Salary Adjustments; Out-of-Class; and Involuntary Transfers.


To provide an understanding of the non-disciplinary statutory appeals process. Explore the statutes and regulations which govern the appeals process. Understand the jurisdictional issues which may arise in the course of an appeal. Learn which evidentiary rules are relied upon when determining the outcome of an appeal. Apply the rules of evidence to factual scenarios one may encounter while presenting a case at hearing.

Intended Audience

This class is designed for any individual who initiates, opposes or defends non-disciplinary actions before the CalHR Administrative Law Judge.


$155 per participant

Updated 6/25/2018
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