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State Personnel Board Hearing Process


This one-day class is designed to provide a step-by-step review of the evidentiary hearing process as conducted before Board Administrative Law Judges. It includes the following topics: detailed review of the procedural regulations governing the hearing process, such as filing an appeal, discovery, prehearing and settlement conferences and conference statements, evidentiary rules for the conduct of hearings, formal rules of evidence (including hearsay rules), examination of witnesses, introducing evidence, and hearings before the Board. This will be highly technical.


Note: This class will primarily deal with hearings concerning appeals from adverse action, rejection during probation, non-punitive termination, medical action, discrimination, and retaliation. It will not cover merit issue complaints or the manner in which hearings are conducted before Board Hearing Officers.


To provide those who currently appear or intend to appear before SPB Administrative Law Judges with a detailed understanding of the procedural requirements for SPB hearings. 

Intended Audience

This class is designed for both department and employee attorneys and representatives who represent the legal interests of their respective clients in evidentiary hearings.  This class is not intended for those who do not appear or intend to represent clients in SPB hearings as the class is highly technical.


$155 per participant

Updated 6/25/2018
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