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Navigating Medical Actions and the Reasonable Accommodation Process


Presented by CalHR Legal Division House Counsel: This one-day class will provide participants with the employer’s perspective on medical actions and the reasonable accommodation process. The class explores the employer’s obligations under the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to reasonably accommodate qualified applicants and employees with disabilities and how to engage in the interactive process. This class will also explore the conditions and requirements for a medical actions (including medical demotions and terminations) and disability retirement under Government Code section 19253.5.


By the end of the class, the participants will:

  • Understand the complex (and sometimes conflicting) requirements employers must address when employees may have medical conditions that impact their ability to perform their jobs.
  • Know the legal changes and the current trends in the reasonable accommodation arena.
  • Obtain tools to navigate through unique situations through complex hypothetical examples.

Intended Audience

The class is designed for departmental staff who regularly interact with or make decisions concerning employees with medical conditions who need help performing, or can no longer perform, the essential functions of their jobs.


$145 per participant

Updated 7/22/2016
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