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Introduction to Applied Statistics for Analysts


None. However, a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel will be helpful.


This course will provide attendees with a solid foundation that will allow them to use a wide variety of statistical tools to solve practical, business-related problems. Throughout the class attendees will learn how to use Excel’s data analysis toolpak to quickly and easily conduct statistical analyses.


Upon successful completion of this class, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the goals of statistical science
  • Identify measurement scales and their role in statistical analysis
  • Measures of central tendency and variability
  • Apply and recognize Z-Scores and T-Scores
  • Apply correlation coefficients to and how they can be used to measure and assess relationships between variables
  • Recognize Linear Regression and how it can be used to make predictions based on the relationship between variables
  • Apply Multiple-Linear Regression and how to create statistical models for prediction and understanding
  • Apply t-Tests to identify statistically significant differences between two groups
  • Recognize Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and how it can be used to identify statistically significant differences between two or more groups

Intended Audience

Any professional who has a need to analyze data.


$310 per participant

Updated 6/25/2018
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