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Chairing Interview Examinations


Overview of Selection Process; Legal Aspects of Personnel Selection; Examination Administration (Selection Analyst Certification Only)


This 2 day course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the minimum qualifications (MQ) evaluation process and how to develop a 511B tool. Utilizing best practices, participants will learn the methods used to interpret and apply MQs during the application review process. The State application is the initial document used by applicants to present their qualifications, dates and lengths of employment, and job duties. This information is evaluated and compared to the class specification to determine whether or not an applicant legally meets the MQs to compete in an examination. The second day of the course which includes a lab session focuses on the techniques included to develop a 511B, a tool created to assist with the MQ evaluation process necessary to determine if an applicant meets the MQs required to participate in an examination or transfer to a different classification.


This class focuses on interviewing techniques and provides participants with the knowledge and expertise necessary to conduct fair and equitable QAP interviews in accordance with CalHR regulations. Upon successful completion of this class, participants will:

  • Apply the selection process and practices in a QAP interview
  • Describe the process for conducting fair and equitable examination interviews
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of each interview panel member
  • Conduct a panel orientation
  • Apply creative and logical thinking to resolve unexpected situations that may occur during the interview process
  • Accurately rate and score candidate responses during a QAP interview

Intended Audience

Individuals who may be required to serve as a Chair on a QAP interview MUST complete this course and receive certification from an CalHR-certified course instructor. Additionally, this course is designed for examination analysts, managers, and individuals who are responsible for the development and/or administration of employment testing and selection programs.


$310 per participant

If you have a minimum of 20 participants you may schedule this course at your worksite.

Updated 6/20/2018
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