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Applying Analytical Skills Part I of II


None. However, this class is only the first part of a two part series and is required before taking Applying Analytical Skills Part II of II.


This three day workshop begins with Part I which includes a two-day classroom training session and is followed by 3-5 weeks of on-the-job application. Participants then return to the classroom for Part II, a one-day discussion and presentation of results. This workshop includes interactive learning combined with discussion, lecture, and a short application project.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Improve your analytical skills
  • Organize information from multiple sources
  • Identify issues that are essential for understanding the problem
  • Create a data collection plan
  • Evaluate data and deal with information gaps
  • Prepare a conclusion to a recommendations paper
  • Create and deliver a brief presentation that gets buy-in

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Cost: $290 per participant

Updated 6/26/2018
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