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80 Hour Supervisory Series - Mod I of IV (3 days)

Please Read Before Registering

The upcoming offerings will be the last offering of the 80 Hour Supervisory Series Module I – IV. Please do not start this series unless you are able to fully complete the four offerings.


Originally titled "Supervisory Skills Module 1: Foundational Skills for Supervisory Excellence". California agency personnel are promoted to supervisor positions because of their technical skills and superior performance record, but many supervisors don’t receive formal instruction in the methods, skills, tools, and techniques of being a supervisor. It is crucial for new or relatively new supervisors to be aware of the forces impacting their position. By understanding how to lead via influence, appreciating the necessity of performance optimization, and building collaborative relationships via communication skills, this foundational course will set the new supervisor on the path to success.

Please note, 80 Hour Supervisory Series Mod I - III may be taken in any order. The 80 Hour Supervisory Series Mod IV must be the final course taken in the series.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to apply:

  • The Nine Essential Skills of a Modern Supervisor
  • The Supervisor as Leader
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Crucial Communication Skills

Intended Audience

This class is intended for newly appointed supervisors and for those supervisors who desire to take refresher training. This course satisfies part of the requirements California Government Code Section 19995.4(b) for new supervisor training.


$465 per participant

Updated 7/10/2018
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