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​Problem-Solving Methodology and Tools


This course builds on the problem solving concepts and techniques introduced in Essential Analytical Skills and details a structured how-to approach to problem solving. By learning a structured five-step problem solving model, participants will be able to understand the issue, identify the root cause, and determine a viable solution in the most effective manner. After participants learn and practice the five-step method, the afternoon is spent learning a variety of tools that facilitate problem solving and creative thinking.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to: use a standard method for solving problems in the workplace; apply the five-step method to an actual workplace problem; identify and use the proper tools at each step in the problem solving process (e.g., force field analysis, brainwriting, fishbone diagram); use creative thinking techniques to expand the possibilities of viable solutions.

Intended Audience

Any analysts who needs to solve problems with a team or as an individual.


$140 per participant

Dates Offered

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Updated 3/20/2012
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