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The Delegation Process


The Delegation Process


The Delegation Process 

Class Description

What was delegation about?  What's this I hear about monthly reports?  What am I supposed to be doing?  How do I get my delegation renewed?  What about the GSI?  Are the spreadsheets here forever?  Will CalHR be broadening the delegation in the future? Learn the answer to these and other questions during this class.


Melissa Russell

Melissa Russell, manager within the Personnel Management Division at CalHR, has been spearheading the implementation of the Delegation Project with the assistance of her staff since August 2013. Melissa and her staff have provided in-depth training to nearly 500 human resources professionals since the Delegation Project’s launch.  Prior to becoming the Delegation Project manager, Melissa came up through the ranks in PMD as an analyst holding departmental assignments since July 2009.

Angela Kwong

Angela Kwong is a PMD Consultant working with department assignments and the Delegation Team.  With the Delegation Team, she developed delegation material and trained over 500 state human resources personnel.  Prior to her CalHR appointment, she also worked at a line department in areas of Special Projects, Classification and Pay, and Labor Relations.  Ms. Kwong has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration concentrating in Human Resources Management and Operations Management and a MBA concentrating in Human Resources Management.

Updated 6/16/2015
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