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New Affordable Care Act Compliance


New Affordable Care Act Compliance


New Affordable Care Act Compliance

Class Description

The session will provide an overview of the new Affordable Care Act Compliance program.  You will learn about the available tools for effectively monitoring your department's Affordable Care Act compliance, which is an essential function aimed at reducing the state's and departments' exposure to penalties.


Elaine Smith

Elaine Smith is a Health Policy Analyst at CalHR.  Prior to her work in the Benefits Division, she served as an Administrative Assistant to two former directors of the Department of Personnel Administration (DPA).  During her time at CalHR/DPA, she has served on various work groups within the department.  She was instrumental in the development and implementation of the Statewide Telework Program in 2010 and another workgroup to enhance the state’s Career Executive Assignment program.  She is currently lead analyst on CalHR’s multiagency work group to implement the employer-administered provisions of the Affordable Care Act for the State of California.

Lisa Dean

Lisa Dean is a Program Manager in the Program Management and Analysis Bureau (PPSD) Unit at the State Controller’s Office (SCO).  Prior to her work at SCO, she worked in the HR office at the Board of Equalization.   Prior to her work in the PPSD Unit at SCO, Ms. Dean was part of a team that trained HR staff on the use of the SCO’s personnel and payroll systems, as well as processes and procedures outside of those systems.   Her current responsibilities include oversight of the team that maintains the Employment History and Affordable Care Act Database.  Ms. Dean played an integral role in the development of the Affordable Care Act Database and is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the online system, providing user support, and implementing a statewide compliance program.
Updated 7/6/2015
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